Best Cheap 32 Inch Smart TV in Egypt

Are you looking for a smart TV but you are on a budget? Then, you have to consider buying these 32 inch TVs. These are the best we have found online with a price of under 4000 EGP (some of them are even under 3000 EGP).

1 –  Contex 32 inch Android TV

This TV’s picture quality is satisfactory in my view. The HD channels look fantastic. The image in standard definition is adequate.

As a consequence, I will not consider this TV as a primary home television. On the other hand, this TV is ideal for the basement, kids’ space, spare room, and so on.

Contex 32 inch

Contex 32 inch

It will also make an outstanding gaming television. There are several inputs, like a computer. So, for the price, I think this TV is a steal!!

The main drawback is that this TV does not accept universal remote control (DISH, cable, Direct TV, etc.). As a result, you’ll use two remote controls to watch TV. But it’s not a deal-breaker for me. On TV, there are also analog keys.

The current price is 2470 EGP.

2 – ATA 32 Inch HD LED Smart TV

If you are looking for a new 32 inch smart TV and you are on a budget, ATA will help you in making the decision, as it is considered the cheapest smart TV in the Egyptian market.

ATA 32 Inch

ATA 32 Inch

The updated price right now is about  2,677 EGP  with 1 years warranty.

3 –  Smart STV32Z3

This TV includes an impressive variety of solutions while retaining uncompromised image quality. The USB Movie feature allows you to watch movies on your flash drive. Enjoy complete movie immersion with improved replay support on the majority of common video formats on the market. Directly from your USB stick, you can playback film, audio, and photo files.

Smart STV 32 inch

Smart STV 32 inch

The HDMI terminal on the TV allows for uncompressed, all-digital audio and video interfaces, supporting high-quality video and multi-channel audio signals. You will experience flawless full-digital AV replication with HDMI, which offers noise-free and highly accurate picture quality.

The updated price right now is about 2900 EGP with 2 years warranty.


4 –  JAC 32 Inch HD Android TV

The JAC HD TV is here to spice up your TV watching experience. The outer case is constructed of high-quality material, whereas the inner frame is made of metal for improved toughness.

The TV’s massive 32-inch LED screen shows images with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels that are beautiful to look at. The cutting-edge television will bind to WiFi networks, giving you access to the Internet at your hands.

JAC 32 Inch

JAC 32 Inch

The Android operating system enhances this HD smart TV’s functionality by allowing you to stream apps and games. It connects your living room to a world of entertainment, sports, and applications.

The set’s USB and HDMI ports enable you to access content from peripheral devices such as laptops, game consoles, and removable hard drives. Furthermore, thanks to its slim design and lightweight, this TV can be conveniently mounted on any smooth flat surface.

The price is only 3243 EGP.

5 –  Toshiba Smart TV – 32S2850EE

Enjoy TOSHIBA HD LED TV’s top-of-the-line features and innovative visual and processing technologies, which result in stunningly clear videos where all you can see is clear and vivid! HD shades that demonstrate what makes watching TV so fun. With TOSHIBA, you can still rely on vivid colors.

Toshiba Smart 32 inch

Toshiba Smart 32 inch

Low power usage, perfect lines, strong visibility, incredible contrast, and vivid colors are all benefits of LED backlighting. When designing a new television, their designers consider every factor, from technology to architecture.

Their new edge feet were designed to free up space underneath your TV where a conventional stand would usually provide a more interactive viewing experience for you and your family.

The result? A television that proudly stands with a hint to the future. Finally, the current price is 3400 EGP. 

6 –  Samsung Smart LED TV – UA32T5300AUXEG

What you need here is only a single remote to access a wide range of materials. From your predefined screen to your gaming machine, games, and even live TV, you can monitor it all from your screen.

Samsung Smart 32 inch

Samsung Smart 32 inch

Pure Color technology helps the image more realistic. It also helps the TV show a wide variety of colors for improved picture quality and a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Ultra Clean View utilizes an innovative algorithm to evaluate original material and provide better detail, resulting in high-quality photos with fewer distortion.

By changing the brightness, the Contrast Enhancer brings a flat image to life, resulting in superior picture quality and greater dimension. This elegantly slender architecture blends with every current décor, elevating the look without overpowering it. The price is 3899 EGP with 2 years warranty.



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