Front-Load Washing Machine – 8 Kg

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Last updated on November 30, 2021 7:53 am
Front-Load Washing Machine – 8 Kg
Front-Load Washing Machine – 8 Kg

6,599 EGP

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Usually a good Washing machine can last about 10 years or more
That’s why choosing the best Washing machine for you and your family is so important not just to save your money and time and energy but it’s also detrimental for your peace of mind

Front-Load Washing Machines Overview


Ideal for laundry everything from delicates to bulky comforters

Energy-efficient, using minimal water and detergent

Can be stacked or installed side-by-side


Gaskets require diligent monitoring to stop mold

Adding or stopping mid-cycle isn’t always available

front-load washers offer a spread of capacities. The drum during a front-loading unit with a 4.5-cubic-foot capacity fits up to twenty pounds of laundry, washing everything from delicate lingerie to large duvets.

Instead of using an agitator or impeller, a front-load washer cycles the garments through a minimal amount of water and detergent by rotating the drum in several directions. Gravity drops the garments within the water over and once again throughout the cleaning process. a number of specialty cycles ensure effective and energy-efficient washing, consistent with Energy Star.

Unlike top fill machines, a front-load washer and dryer can sometimes be stackable, which is excellent to save space.
There are some drawbacks to front-loading washers. The rubber gasket ring round the tub requires maintenance to stop mold and mildew from developing.

Many front-loading machines lock the door at the beginning of the cycle, preventing a user from stopping the method or adding a last-minute garment mid-cycle. Some newer appliances are programmed to manage this measure, so search for a “pause” button on the features list.

Front-loaders are often ergonomically challenging for a few , because the act of loading and unloading requires bending, potentially aggravating back strain. Adding a pedestal stand raises the unit 12 to fifteen inches and sometimes features drawer storage.

Brands available of 8 Kg Front-Load Washing Machine

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