Top loading Automatic Washing Machine – 10 Kg

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Top loading Automatic Washing Machine – 10 Kg
Top loading Automatic Washing Machine – 10 Kg

4,300 EGP

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Usually a good laundry machine can last about 10 years or more
That’s why choosing the best Washing machine for you and your family is so important not just for your money .. time and energy but it’s also necessary to maintain your peace of mind

Why a Top-Load Washing Machine is the best choice for you:


User friendly loading and unloading

You can easily add items mid-cycle

Way Faster cycles than front loaders


Uses more water and detergent than front loaders

Some items, like bed covers or sleeping bags can be too bulky

Can be considered noisy

Not stackable, so requires more installation room

Top-loading Automatic Washing Machines provide a number of different cleaning cycles in an ergonomically friendly fashion.

It’s easier to unload or load a top-loading Automatic Washing Machine, and most Automatic Washing Machines feature a soft-close lid, a built-in dispenser, and mid-cycle access controller should you find a forgotten sweater or t-shirt.

Traditional top-loading machines soak clothes in water for the whole cycle with relatively short cycle times compared with front loaders while a pulsating agitator facilitates the cleaning process.

Both sorts of impeller or agitator washers clean clothes quickly, but an impeller is much gentler on clothes.

Top loaders use more detergent and water than front-loaders and may be quite noisy to work .
Top-loading washing machines can’t be stacked on top of each other, they can however be installed side by side
Top loaders are easier to take care of and maintenance is simple as long as you keep the built-in dispenser clean with an occasional rinse and a sanitizing cycle ..

Brands available of Top loading Automatic Washing Machine – 10 Kg

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Price History

  • Highest Price: 5,199 EGP - February 24, 2021
  • Lowest Price: 4,300 EGP - September 12, 2021

Specification: Top loading Automatic Washing Machine – 10 Kg

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Top Load

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